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Are you interested in passing the Red Hat® certification exams? Take One Course Source's exam preparation classes!

Our courses are specifically designed to maximize your training time and give you the best chance of passing the exams. You will learn the skills necessary to administer a Linux Operating System, both using Graphic and command line techniques.

We have developed our courses to provide depth of coverage and the opportunity to practice their new found skill. The course materials clearly define which topics are "testable" on the Red Hat® exams, allowing the student the opportunity to focus on developing their skills or study for the exams.

Each student that attends one of our five-day classes will receive the following:

  • Five full days of quality training from an instructor that is both RHCSA™ and RHCE™ certified.
  • Printed and digital copies of our excellent courseware in which exam objective topics are clearly marked.
  • Access to courseware updates for up to a year after class.
  • On line access to OCS's exam prep guide.
  • A classroom-based Operating System on a bootable USB.
  • A copy of "Hands-on Guide to the Red Hat® Exams: RHCSA™ and RHCE™ Cert Guide and Lab Manual".

RHCSA™ Preparation classes

RHCE™ Preparation classes

Additionally, OCS offers 1-day on-line reviews of critical certification topics. These reviews are designed to help students focus on "testable" topics just prior to taking the exam. The following two online classes are available:

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Class   Price  
OCS-linux-075: Linux Essentials   $1,900
OCS-linux-175: Linux Administration I   $1,900
OCS-linux-275: Linux Administration II   $1,900
OCS-linux-199: RHCSA™ Review   $250
OCS-linux-299: RHCE™ Review   $250

Save money by signing up for a bundle

Class Price Savings  
OCS-linux-200: OCS-linux-075 + OCS-linux-175 $3,400 $400
OCS-linux-201: OCS-linux-075 + OCS-linux-175 + OCS-linux-199 $3,550 $500
OCS-linux-202: OCS-linux-175 + OCS-linux-199 $2,050 $150
OCS-linux-203: OCS-linux-275 + OCS-linux-299 $2,050 $150
OCS-linux-204: OCS-linux-075 + OCS-linux-175 + OCS-linux-299 $5,100 $600
OCS-linux-205: Complete track (all classes + all reviews) $5,400 $800
  • Q: Don't I have to take a Red Hat® certified training class to receive the certification?
  • A: No, certification is obtained by demonstrating the necessary skills on a Red Hat Certification exam.
  • Q: Do you cover all of the topics that are "testable" on the Red Hat® exams?
  • A: Yes, all topics that are testable are covered in our classes.
  • Q: Do your classes only cover the topics that are "testable" on the Red Hat® exams?
  • A: No, we strongly believe that additional topics should be included to provide the student with knowledge that will assist them in real world situations.
  • Q: Am I guaranteed to pass the Red Hat® exams after taking your classes?
  • A: No, these exams are extremely difficult and guarantees are not possible. However, we do feel that you will have the best possible chance of success of passing these exams if you take One Course Source classes.
  • Q: Will you provide examples of criteria that I will find on the exams?
  • A: No, confidentiality agreements prohibit anyone who has taken one of these exams from providing specifics about the exams. However, we are able to clearly indicate which topics Red Hat® has published as "testable" and provide instruction on how to perform these tasks.
  • Q: Do your classes include the exam?
  • A: No, you our classes don't include the exams. You should sign up for the exam(s) through Red Hat® after you have taken the classes, studied the material and feel confident that you can pass the exam. Not including the exam as part of the class is better as it provides you with more time to properly prepare for the exam.
  • Q: Aren't the exams part of the official Red Hat® classes?
  • A: No, the exams can be purchased in a "bundle" along with the class, but you can sign up for the exam independently.
  • Q: Why don't you offer Rapid Track classes like Red Hat®
  • A: Our experience is that students don't learn well in Rapid Track classes. These classes are designed to be a review of material that students already have experience with. In other words, they are designed to fill in the blanks, not learn from scratch. Instead, we offer online review classes: OCS-linux-199: RHCSA™ Review and OCS-linux-299: RHCE™ Review.